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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2003


Huntersville Camp, July 2003

Camp Photo

Our first camp in Huntersville

The Salkehatchie Summer Service Camp held in Huntersville, NC in 2003 represented two firsts. It was the first camp ever held in Huntersville. But most notably, for the first time in 26 years a Salkehatchie Summer Service Camp was held outside of South Carolina.

Running any camp, much less a first year camp, requires a tremendous amount of planning and support from the community. The congregation at HUMC quickly embraced the thought of hosting a camp within the church. In October 2002, volunteers signed up to help and quickly teams were formed to take responsibility for setting up meals, creating living quarters within the church, visiting prospective homeowners and fundraising. Outside of the church the local community pitched in with their support. Mecklenburg County and the Town of Huntersville pledged their support to help make the camp a success. The Mecklenburg County Building Department assisted in the home selection process while the Town of Huntersville offered the use of their community pool. BFI Waste Services donated dumpsters for each of the home sites and IBM Corp donated $1000 to the cause. The Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church dipped into their Youth Service Fund to donate $2500.

For the first time in 26 years a Salkehatchie Summer Service Camp was held outside of South Carolina.

After almost 18 months of planning, campers began arriving at Huntersville United Methodist Church on July 19th, 2003. For the next seven nights and eight days 39 campers from six different states would work, eat, share living quarters and pray together. HUMC was turned into a dormitory as youth and adults slept on cots and air mattresses. The months of planning came together in an exciting and uplifting week. The 39 campers and a number of local volunteers donated approximately 2000 hours of labor towards improving the living conditions of four Huntersville homeowners.

The links along the left hand side of this page chronicle the efforts of the campers to improve the four homes.