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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2003

The Moultry Home Story

The Moultry team was led by Jimmy Cauthen. The other adults on the team were Cindy McKenzie, John Mellen and Laura Pascal. The youth members of the team were Cody Shores, Kandi Bish, Derek Stewart, Michelle Cox and Fran Hughes.

Moultry Home on Monday

The Moultry team began working on the utility room first thing on Monday. Here, Cody Shores removes the existing siding from the back of the Moultry home.

The Moultry home was built in the 60's and has always been owned by the Moultry family. It's a small two bedroom house that required work in the kitchen and general painting and cleaning. The biggest issue however was that five children lived in the house and there wasn't a washer & dryer nor was there any room to install them. To do laundry the Moultry family had to make frequent trips to the laundramat.

Moultry Team on a Break

When you're working outside on a hot day a refreshing break is always welcomed.

The only realistic solution to this problem was to build a utility room at the back of the house which would accommadate a washer & dryer as well as provide some extra storage space for the family. For a Salkehatchie home it was a rare opportunity to work on new rather than rehabilitative construction.

On Monday the team the team began immediately building the foundation for the utility room. The utility room was going to be about 6ft by 8ft. From beginning to end the project would involve laying out the foundation, digging the holes for the supporting posts, framing, insulating, siding, flooring, plumbing and electrical work.

Cody framing the roof

Here Cody is framing the roof of the utility room.

There were other areas of the home that also needed attention. The interior and exterior of the Moultry home also needed cleaning and painting. The Moultry home was probably the most straightforward construction job we had during the week. That being said, the Moultry team did have its own challenges. A large part of the Salkehatchie experience is the bonding process that goes on between the team and the home owners. It took a few days for the team and the Moultry family to click. On Tuesday, for example, no one was home to let the team into the house on Tuesday morning. The team was able to work outside until a family member opened the home mid-morning. By Wednesday, whatever tensions and conflicts that existed between the team and the family were resolved and the remainder of the week proceeded very smoothly.

Moultry Kitchen

The team found the time to replace the lower cabinets in the Moultry kitchen.

With the utility room and painting proceeding smoothly the team looked to other projects. The lower kitchen cabinets needed replacing and the team made a quick trip to the Habitat for Humanity store. The cabinets were installed Thursday afternoon.

The week ended with the team feeling very upbeat with what had been accomplished. On Friday morning a brand new washer & dryer arrived at the Moultry home. The washer & dryer were privately donated. The Moultry family was delighted. In addition, the interior of the house had been completely painted. The Moultry home was completely finished at the end of the camp meaning that there would be no follow-up visits to complete minor projects as was the case with the three other homes. What had begun as a challenging relationship between the team and the family ended with with both the family and the team feeling great about what had been accomplished.