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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2003

The Young Home Story

The Young House team was led by John Ballentine. The rest of the adult team were Joe Rummage, Richard Roberts and Laura Roberts. The youth on the team were Phil Atkins, Nathan Vogan, Leah Landers, Michael Hawkey, Katie Pascal and Emily Modlin.

Young Floor

The Young team needed to spend a lot of energy repairing the floor. Here Joe Rummage, Nathan Vogan and Richard Roberts figure out their next move.

The Young house was a cinder block house that was built some 30 years ago. It has always been owned by members of the Young family. The house had two major issues. First the roof was in bad shape. Although it didn't leak it sagged in places and the shingles were showing significant signs of wear. Secondly, most of the floors in the house had collapsed. The collapsing floors also made some of the interior walls separate from the ceiling.

Young Floor

Slow but surely the floor began to take shape.

Monday was a big demolition day. A team on the roof began the process of removing the shingles and replacing a significant amount of the sheathing that had rotted. A team in the house began the process of tearing up the floors in the living room and two bedrooms. It wasn't until the floors came up that the team realized the extent of the problems that existed. The Young house had a very small crawlspace and it was impossible to jack up any of the foundation without pulling up all the surrounding floor. The second problem was that the wall separating the kitchen and the living room was resting on a mostly rotted structure. Shoring up this wall would be very difficult.

Young Roof

If the floor wasn't a big enough challenge the Young roof also needed attention. Beyond replacing the shingles the team also needed to replace much of the sheathing.

There were also other jobs to do besides roof and the floors. The interior and exterior required cleaning and painting as well doors that needed replacing. The first priority however was to get the roof repaired and sealed. The weather report for Tuesday suggested the possibility of rain for the Huntersville area. The team worked hard to seal the roof by Tuesday evening only moments before rain passed through the area.

As often happens there were some unexpected hurdles to overcome. While clearing out some rotted wood the power line to the stove was completely severed. The sudden sparks set the hearts of the nearby workers racing. Fortunately it was only sparks and nothing worse than that! However, repairing the electric cable would lose the team nearly half a day.

Young Roof Completed

The team persevered and completed the roof by Thursday.

While the roof was somewhat straightforward to floor was a huge challenge. By Wednesday the living room and two bedrooms were still large holes and it wasn't yet clear how to best deal with the some of the rotting structures. However, as often happens during Salkehatchie week the team figured out a solution to their problems on Thursday and began to build the new floor. By Thursday evening the floor was mostly complete.

Friday became a sprint to finish the flooring and the painting. The team worked together to get the work completed by 4:00pm. A huge amount of work had been done since Wednesday evening when there were some doubts that the floor could get completed. It seemed to be another Salkehatchie miracle.

Young Floor Completed

It seemed impossible on two days earlier but John Ballentine and his team were able to level the floor and put new carpeting on top of it.

As we always say every Salkehatchie house represents some unique challenges. In addition to difficult roof and flooring projects the team had its own challenges coming together. Some personality conflicts caused some tension amongst the team and this may have contributed to slow progress on some of the projects. Salkehatchie presents special challenges to the campers and dealing with the diverse personalities that make up a camp is one of them. God presents every team with its own challenges and its up to the team find the solutions. In the end the team was able to pull in the same direction and the projects came together.

It was a challenging and often trying week for the Young team but the work got done. There were a few items that were still left to be done at the conclusion of the week. The jobs included completing some of the exterior painting, refitting a few of the interior doors and installing the shoe molding on the floors. The work was completed by HUMC members Lou Nachman, Bob Sims and Ben Griffith.