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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2004
Home Owners

The Bost Home Story

Monday July 19, 2004 by Molly Pekarek

The members of the Bost team starting with the adults are Richard Hagins (Site Leader), Molly Pekarek, Tammy Duncan and Larry Hawkey. The youth are Justin Blackburn, Julie Pollard, Jarad Osterhus, Savannah Craig, Cody Shores, Rob Motley, Hiley Davis and Meredith Davis.

The Bost team got off to a quick start on the roof

Upon arriving to our work site our day started with a devotion given by Savannah and Justin. Ms. Bost listened as best she could with her hearing loss that she has and then allowed us to begin the work on her home. Off we went to the three different areas that each of us chose to work on. Four of the youth of Jarad, Cody, Hiley, and Rob along with Molly went to the roof while the Savannah and Justin worked with the Tammy in the kitchen. Meredith and Julie worked in the bathroom with Larry.

Our site leader Richard gave refreshers to those who may have forgotten how to do what they needed to and when necessary he was there to teach those who asked. He was especially needed when the plumbing problem of "Quick how do you turn off the water to the house?" arose. Yes, Larry was in need of help as he held the water knob in his hand. We can do a lot on our site but at times it is okay to call the professional. Okay - yes - we called the plumber.

Loading trash into the dumpster

A lot was accomplished on this first day of demolition and the dumpster outside the house is beginning to fill up. What did we throw away - a cast iron tub that had to be sledge hammered and the bathroom flooring, kitchen cabinets and rotten flooring in it, and all of the roofing along with a few rotten areas that needed replacing.

The only thing that made our team unhappy was the fire ants in several areas that we seemed to keep running into; like all over the yard, under the house, and even on the roof. Regardless a very productive day was had on our site and we are further than we had hoped to be.

The Bost team gets a roofing lesson from Richard Hagins

We all know what we will do for day number two on the worksite. Till then - rest - as we enjoy God's fellowship of friends, fun, and laughter for 12 hours.

Tuesday July 20, 2004

The Bost team hit the road running and achieved several milestones. By the end of the day the plumbing had been completed and the roof was completely done. That means for the remainder of the week more people are available to work inside.

Here's a few highlights for the day:

  • Justin Blackburn and Hiley Davis along with Larry Hawkey spent a good part of the day under the house
  • Julie Pollard and Meredith Davis started repairing two holes in the drywall in the living room
  • Just about everyone on the team spent time on the roof getting the shingling done

Of course, there was some help along the way. Mack Robinette showed up and did a terrific job getting the plumbing started. Thank's Mack.

Hauling shingles on the Bost roof

One mishap did occur at the end of the day when Julie Pollard came upon some fire ants. She survived but not before being bitten numerous times. One thing that Julie showed us last year was that she's tough. She was hurting but the ants maybe slowed her down a bit but they didn't stop her.

Wednesday July 21, 2004

The Bost team continued their good progress on Wednesday. The notable accomplishments were:

  • Subfloor for the kitchen and bedroom replaced
  • Painting the exterior of the house was started
  • Part of the bathroom subfloor was put down
  • Holes in the living room wall were repaired
  • The awning at the side of the house had been torn down and rebuilt

The team also welcomed Lynn Brittain who helped out with the painting outside as well as scouting for kitchen cabinets. Mack Robinette completed the roughing in of the plumbing. Cody Shores and Jarad Osterhus who had been a team since the first day of the camp worked together to build the awning over the side door. Since the team had completed the roof the day before more hands were available to work on the first floor. Everyone had a hand in the painting.

Preparing the house for painting on Wednesday morning

The end of the day on Wednesday the team could look back over the first three days and see some significant accomplishments. The roof which had been a disaster was completed. The floors which were structurally a mess had been repaired. The exterior of the house had been mostly painted. The plumbing was roughed in. There was still a lot of work to do and but the toughest jobs were done and the team looked forward to completing their projects over the next two days.

Thursday July 22, 2004

Thursday seemed to be a big day for the team. It may not have been obvious to the team since they were there all day and probably weren't aware of some of the dramatic changes taking place. On the outside the mint green chosen for the home exterior gave it a dramatic new look. That combined with the white trim make it look like a new house. On the inside the vinyl flooring in the kitchen was put down and for the first time the kitchen began to look like a kitchen. The lower cabinets and counter were also installed. It was really starting to come together.

If the team had any concerns at all it was that Mack would not return until Friday morning. That meant that the team would need to work quickly on Friday to complete the install and plumbing fixtures and finish up the bathroom. The shower enclosure was already in place (although not installed) but the bathroom was going to be a challenge to complete on time.

Friday July 23, 2004

Bost Kitchen

Here's the progress on the kitchen during the week. Picture will change.

There was lots of excitement around the Bost team on Friday morning. Mack arrived and started on the plumbing in the bathroom. At noon he had to leave to address a customer problem. The kitchen was completed in the afternoon and it looked great. The washer and dryer were moved into the kitchen and the upper cabinets were installed. The stove was moved in. The new water heater was installed. The kitchen looked great. The team had every reason to be proud. It looked like a different house.

However, there were still a few things that needed to be completed. The dryer still needed an electrical hookup and a vent. The bathroom hookups and floor wasn't done but Richard and Larry completed it Saturday morning.

It was a great week for the Bost team. The had accopmlished a lot and Ms Bost was thrilled.