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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2004


2004 Camp Review

Huntersville Salkehatchie Camp was held July 17 - July 24, 2004

Location: Huntersville United Methodist Church, Huntersville, NC

Camp Capacity: 45
Registered Campers: 46

Our 2004 Camp is completed!! Thank you to everyone who made it happen. From this page you can check out what we did on each of the homes, read about the experience of a camper who kept an online diary, see photographs taken through the week as well as hear from the Camp Director. You can also check out the various organizations and people that made this camp happen. We are grateful for their contribution. Look at the list of our friends and supporters. Melissa Kelly attended our 2004 camp. She wrote a report for her church's newsletter and we've reproduced it on this web site. Click here to check it out.

Have you ever thought that you've been to a Salkehatchie Camp but you're not really sure? Larry Hawkey, from McMannen United Methodist Church in Durham, NC attended our 2004 camp and provided us with the definitive guide for those who need to know if they've ever attended a camp. Click here to check it out.