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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2004
A Camper's Diary

Meredith Davis is attending the Salkehatchie Summer Service Huntersville Camp. Meredith and her family attend St Andrews United Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina. She is one of seven people attending our camp from that church. She is a first time attendee and she's agreed to write daily about her experience in camp.

Saturday July 17, 2004

Hmmm….what can I say? A first day starting anything is the hardest one to determine from. Today we went to all of the people's houses and took a look around at the places we would be fixing; which in most cases was the whole house. Tonight everyone seemed to open up and become more of a family already! I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings us. Pray that everyone has a great trip and that God shows everyone what a truly awesome God He is!

Sunday July 18, 2004

I am so surprised at how quickly our group as a whole became friends! Knowing everyone makes everything a bit more interesting and really helps everyone open up! Today was not considered a work day even though we broke a sweat playing chicken fight in the lake and walking that long buffet line for dinner. We finished up by singing the "little cabin in the woods" song and receiving necklaces that symbolized our journey through Salkehatchie. Tomorrow is when the real action starts!

Monday July 19, 2004

Today was exhausting! I had such a fun time working on the house today! I tried a lot of new things including how shingle a roof (yes, mom, I was on a roof), rip up rotten floors, and even attempted using a power tool! I can't believe how much we have gotten done in a day! I can't wait till tomorrow, I never knew really hard work could be so much fun!

Tuesday July 20, 2004

Repairing a hole in the drywall. Here she's cutting out the hole for a replacement piece

Another day of hard work; Picking up shingles, patching holes in the walls, putting in floors and trying our hardest to avoid poison ivy and fire ants! I am still learning so much and at the same time getting to know everyone in my group so much better. I'm so amazed at the work we have done in just 2 days! God is truly working through us this week!

Wednesday July 21, 2004

Today was so much fun! This morning I taught two really fun camp songs to Rob, one of my group members, while scraping loose paint off the outside walls of Ms.Bost's house. We also started painting the house a mint color with white shutters. We are starting to complete all of our projects and I can already tell tomorrow is going to be a full day of hard work. To conclude our day we went to a mini water park and played like we were 2 two-year-olds again! I wish this week wasn't going to end so soon.

Painting the exterior of the Bost home

Thursday July 22, 2004

I do not want this week to end! I have had so much fun. Our house is coming together perfectly and I'm even thinking of asking Ms.Bost if I can move in with her ; ) ! I can't wait until the house is finished!

Today I worked on a cabinet for the kitchen, the living room walls and I painted the house numbers on the front of the house. As much as I want the house to be finished I want this week to go on forever, I have made so many good friends and even gotten closer to the people in my own youth group.

Friday July 23, 2004

Adjusting the electrical outlet in the Bost kitchen

Today during the worship service we had to present a symbol that represented the week at Salkehatchie for each individual. There were many creative ideas of what each symbol represented. I learned a lot about each person and what they had done this week. This afternoon when Ms. Bost saw her "new house" she was so excited! It gave me the greatest feeling of accomplishment. I'm so glad I had the chance to change a person's life and took that chance because it made me realize that even though I am just one person I can do big things (with the help from our awesome God). I will definitely be coming back to Huntersville next summer.