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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2004
Home Owners

The Grier Home Story

Monday July 19, 2004

The members of the Grier team beginning with the adults are Baker Ratliff (Site Leader), Jennifer Ratliff, Hunter Wagstaff and Robert Cox. The youths are Cole Mull, Robert Dobbins, Kevin McDuffie, Katie Owens, Kathleen Pekarek, Chelsey Young and Hillary Wagstaff.

Placing trash in the dumpster

The Griers live in a small home south of downtown Charlotte. Mrs Grier lives with her daughter Dorothy. The home is in need of significant repairs. From a construction perspective the Grier home may be our biggest challenge. There is no access to the backyard. A contractor wasn't able to complete work on a back porch leaving the Grier's without a way to exit the back of the house. The floors in the kitchen and bathroom are rotting will need to be replaced. That alone is a lot of work but the bigger unknown is what will be found under the house.

The teams first order of business was to complete remove the junk that had accumulated in the backyard. This was left over from the unfinished construction of the porch. The work was largely completed by 10:00am. Chelsey Young began work on clearing the brush in the backyard. Cole Mull repaired flashing around the chimney. Fortunately the roof itself seemed to be in good shape. The rest of the team removed the cabinets in the kitchen. Not surprisingly the most of the floor came up with the cabinets. Most of the floor joists were rotted and on the verge of the collapse. The team was faced with the task of replacing them as well as removing and replacing the rotted sill.

Site leader Baker Ratliff stands in the Grier kitchen

The bathroom was also in terrible shape and the team began the work of stripping it down to the studs. There was one interesting discovery in the bathroom. The bathtub had a shower head. However, when the team removed the shower head it wasn't connected to any pipe. The shower head had just been screwed into the wall and hung there like a wall ornament.

It was a tough first day. The team made a lot of progress but there was much, much work left to be done.

Tuesday July 20, 2004

Some of the Grier team

The second day was spent moving forward on the tasks started on Monday. The rotted joists and sill in the kitchen were replaced. The would hopefully allow the team to replace the subfloor on Wednesday.

The bathroom floor was also in bad shape as the team contemplated how they might remove the heavy bathtub.

The team reported that the day seemed to go slow. The work at hand was tedious but important. It sets the stage for the remaining three days. Of all the teams, the Grier team at this point faces the toughest challenges. Keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday July 21, 2004

Pounding a nail into the subfloor at the Grier home

There was a lot of visible progress at the Grier house on Wednesday. The most notable was the replacement of the subfloor in the kitchen. There had been a gaping hole in that part of the house for a couple of days and the team was glad to see it filled in.

In addition the the roof above the back utility room was shingled by Kathleen Pekarek.

The other significant milestone was the installation of the back door. For over one year the Griers had not access to the backyard. The opening for the door was covered with plywood. The team invited Ms Grier to the backyard and ceremoniously had her open the door with her key. It may have been the highlight of the day.

Good progress was made during the day. That being said the Grier team has a couple of busy days ahead of them. The bathroom floor is not in and there is still a lot painting to be done. Nevertheless the Grier team is confident that it can be done. The team did however experience some electrical problems at the house and put the call out for some electrical help.

Measuring for the next cut

Thursday July 22, 2004

On Thursday morning the Grier team began work in the utility room, kitchen and bathroom. Bob Sims arrived early in the morning to deal with the electrical issues that had cropped up late the previous afternoon.

Andrew Hawkey, Robert Dobbins, Kathleen Pekarek and Hunter Wagstaff got to work putting up the panelling in the utility room. Cole Mull and Katie Owens worked putting the subfloor into the bathroom. Kevin McDuffie, Baker Ratliff, Hillary Wagstaff and Chelsey Young prepared to lay down the vinyl flooring in the kitchen.

By the end of the afternoon considerable progress had been made. The vinyl flooring was down in the kitchen and the kitchen had been mostly painted. The team will need to push hard on Friday but they had helped themselves by getting a lot of work done on Thursday.

Painting the kitchen of the Grier home

There was one mishap during the day. Robert Cox jammed his hand against an exposed nail opening up a gash on the fleshy part of thumb on his right hand. Robert wrapped it in gauze but continued to work. In the evening, Dr. Gina LiCause closed up the wound with seven stitches.

Friday July 23, 2004

The Grier team worked hard on Friday to complete their projects. The kitchen cabinets were installed and the panelling in the utility room was installed. The plumbing fixtures were connected. During the installation of the shower it became apparent that there was water leaking under the house. There were some chronic problems with the plumbing that existed before the team arrived at the house. That would have to be corrected after the camp ended.

The Grier kitchen

That being said the team accomplished a lot over the week. The Grier team worked under the most difficult conditions of any team. The house was small and very cluttered. Every part of the kitchen and bathroom was in awful condition meaning that just about everything that was touched would have to be replaced. That they were able to get as much as they did accomplished was a credit to their hard work and dedication. The Grier's home was greatly improved.