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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2004
Home Owners

The Morehead Home Story

Monday July 19, 2004

The members of the Morehead team starting with the adults are Bill Ratliff (site leader), Chris Kerns, Tresca Hollis and Vance Lowe. The youth are Drew Dupre, Andrew Hawkey, William Flake, Tyler Wilson, Melissa Kelly, Lindsay Wootten and Erin Wootten.

The front porch at the Morehead home. Much of the decking was damaged and needed to be removed.

Mr and Mrs Morehead live in a home on the east side of Charlotte just outside of the downtown area. They have lived in their home since 1972. The Moreheads are elderly and have a number of physical maladies that makes getting around the home difficult. As a result they are unable to do the things necessary to maintain their home. The Moreheads were particularly concerned about the bathroom and laundry areas where the floor was on the verge of collapse.

The team arrived on Monday morning ready to get working. Tyler Wilson and William Flake spent a good part of the day removing the flooring and one wall in the laundry room. Removing the wall would serve two purposes. It would provide more room in the laundry room but more importantly it would allow access to the backdoor which was previously blocked by the washer and dryer.

Erin and Lindsay Wootten got started on repairing walls in one of the spare bedrooms. Andrew Hawkey and Keith Eudy began work on a rotted area of the roof just above the front porch. This area of the roof was a source of water damage that appeared in the spare bedroom. The rest of the team got working on the front porch where a number of the boards needed replacing.

During the day the Moreheads were in the home while the work went on around them. Mr and Mrs Morehead have been a delight to work with since we first met them early this year. They're always fun to be with and have really appreciated our willingness to help them. Mrs Morehead has often told us, "Anything you can do will be a blessing".

This wall would be removed a few hours later

The team got a lot done today. The hope is that most of the deck work can be completed the next day. As well everyone's hoping to put in the new flooring in the next day or two. One issue came up during the latter part of the day. When the floors around the toilet area were removed the team could see that the drain for the toilet was in bad shape. It apparently was the cause of much of the leakage problems under the house. The concern was whether the team had the ability to easily fix the problem without having to call in a professional plumber.

Tuesday July 20, 2004

Replacing the damaged deck boards

On Tuesday a number of the projects moved towards completion. By early Tuesday afternoon much of the decking work had been completed. Drew Dupre and Andrew Hawkey did much work to get the deck in shape. It feels a whole lot more sturdy then it did on Monday. It will be ready for priming and painting in the latter part of the week.

The toilet drain turned out to be less of a problem than anticipated. A trip to Home Depot to get parts took care of most of that. By the end of the day the team was able to put the floor back in around the toilet.

Excellent progress was also made on the roof. Keith Eudy and Tyler Wilson spent a good part of the day working dealing with that.

Replacing rotted boards on the Morehead front porch

For the second day in a row the weather co-operated. It's July and the weather is hot but we haven't seen the unbearable heat that we otherwise expected. Prayers do get answered.

Wednesday July 21, 2004

The Morehead team continued to make steady progress on Wednesday. The most notable accomplishment was the completion of the roof. Under the guidance of Keith Eudy, both Tyler Wilson and Erin Wootten completed the re-shingling of the portion of the roof over the front porch. This was one of those things that wasn't discovered until the team arrived on Monday. The bad spot on the roof had caused a significant amount of water damage. Although the end result was largely invisible it would positively impact the Morehead's for years.

Shortly before lunch Lindsay Wootten's poison ivy (or sumach) had escalated to the point that she needed to see a doctor. However, she was able to rejoin the team shortly after lunch. Drew Dupre would join her later that afternoon. The west side of the house was severely overgrown and the team's attempts to clear it exposed the team to either poison ivy or poison sumach.

The valley girls

The progress on the front porch continued as the team began priming and painting. As well painting continued in the "Green Room", which would be yellow.

The laundry room and bathroom floors were coming together. During the day the team determine the floor under the bathtub was going to eventually collapse. Like the floor under the toilet it was made of poured concrete and was slowly but surely collapsing. When the team attempted to remove the remove the floor it became apparent that it wasn't going to come out as easily as the floor beneath the toilet. A decision was made to shore up the floor from underneath and prevent any future collapse that way.

The Morehead team seemed on track to complete their projects by Friday.

Thursday July 22, 2004

Painting the front porch at the Morehead home

On Thursday the Morehead team continued to move forward on their projects. The front porch was completed.

The most difficult task was shoring up the flooring under the bathtub. There was a very tight crawlspace under the bathtub. Drew Dupre and William Flake were elected to get under the house and do the necessary work. It wasn't easy navigating under the house but Drew and William got it done.

Most of the rest of the team were painting in the laundry room and kitchen painting.

The handrail will help Mr. Morehead get into the basement.

The team completed a short project on Thursday. The entrance to the basement was from the outside of the house. Anyone entering the basement would go down a set of stairs on the east side of the house. Mr Morehead would need to go into the basement whenever it rained to start up the sump pump. Since he moved around with a cane getting into the basement using the stairs was difficult. The team installed a handrail leading down the stairs making it much easier for Mr Morehead.

Perry Brittain joined the team today and was able to concentrate on repairing some ceiling damage in the Morehead bedroom. Perry had been leading the music during the evenings. The team welcomed the extra hand during the day.

Friday July 23, 2004

The Morehead team gathers with Mr and Mrs Morehead. The work week is over and it's time to show off what's been done.

It all got done. The Morehead team took a little longer than anticipated and delayed their showers until late in the evening but they were able to complete their projects. Over the course of five days the team had torn apart and rebuilt floors in the laundry room and bathroom, replaced the damaged decking on the porch, repaired a portion of the roof, painted the front porch, installed two handrails outside and painted most of the interior of the house. The Moreheads were delighted. The had originally called on Love INC for help to take care of their collapsing floors. The got a lot more.