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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2004
Site Teams

These are the site teams and the homes they worked on during the 2004 Camp

Morehead Home

Bill Ratliff (Site Leader)
Chris Kerns
Tresca Hollis
Vance Lowe

Drew Dupre
Andrew Hawkey
William Flake
Tyler Wilson
Melissa Kelly
Lindsay Wootten
Erin Wootten

Grier Home

Baker Ratliff (Site Leader)
Jennifer Ratliff
Hunter Wagstaff
Robert Cox

Cole Mull
Robert Dobbins
Kevin McDuffie
Katie Owens
Kathleen Pekarek
Chelsey Young
Hillary Wagstaff

Baxter Home

John Ballentine (Site Leader)
Mona Douglass-Kita
Laura Pascal

Erin Mode
Michael Wright
Kyle Shores
Melissa Cannan
Tyler Piehl
Kelsey Blackburn
Will Hollis

Bost Home

Richard Hagins (Site Leader)
Tammy Duncan
Molly Pekarek
Larry Hawkey

Justin Blackburn
Julie Pollard
Jarad Osterhus
Savannah Craig
Cody Shores
Rob Motley
Hiley Davis
Meredith Davis