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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2005
Home Owners

The Hicks Home Story

Saturday June 4, 2005

Ms Hicks lives in her home with her daughter and son. She's a member of New Friendship Presbyterian Church. She and the other ladies at New Friendship have provided lunch for the Salkehatchie campers the past two years.

The front of the Hicks home

Ms Hicks home won't be the most difficult home that we work on. Nevertheless there are things that need to be done.

Here are the major priorities for the Hicks home:

  • Repairing a huge hole in the floor of the bathroom
  • Painting the exterior
  • Replacing the eavestrough
  • Increase shelving space in the kitchen
  • Painting the interior

Other possible projects include replacing the railing on the front porch.

Check back here beginning on Monday July 18, 2005 to see the progress on the Hicks home

Monday July 18, 2005

The adults on the Hicks team include: Vance Lowe (site leader), Jennifer Ratliff and Ed Goodson. The youth are Robert Motley, Erin Mode, Meredith Davis, Jophery Jenner, Karen Eite and Mackenzie Bagby.

Two campers work to remove the flooring from the bathroom of the Hicks home

The major projects on the site will be:

  • Repair the hole in the bathroom floor
  • Replace the rotted boards under the kitchen sink
  • Replace the rotted railings at the front and side doors
  • Paint the exterior of the house
  • Replacing the falling eavestrough and fascia boards

The team has had a challenging start to their week. Last week, the Hicks family had a sudden death in the family and they are grieving. Despite the loss they felt strongly that they wanted us to move forward with the work on their home. On Sunday, Vance Lowe had to leave the camp due to his father's illness. Our prayers and thoughts are with you Vance! Rose Sherrard from the Huntersville UMC congregation has joined the team as the third adult.

On Monday, the team was able to make progress all their projects. It was a good start to the week.

Tuesday July 19 & Wednesday July 20, 2005

The Hicks team made great progress on their progress

  • The front and side porches have their railings up.
  • The hole in the bathroom floor has been repaired and the new subfloor is now in place in preparation of the new flooring
  • The rotted area under the kitchen sink has been mostly fixed

Putting the flooring in place

Work needs to be done to replace the eavestroughs. The Hicks team looks forward to a big Thursday.

Thursday July 21, 2005

The Hicks team faced many personal challenges during the week. The Hicks family lost a son unexpectedly the day before camp began. In addition, site leader Vance Lowe left the camp on Sunday to deal with his father's illness. Throughout this the team has kept focus on their mission.

The Hicks team has completed most of their projects. The exterior is complete with the porches and gutters all done. The bathroom is awaiting some tile and the area around the sink is repaired and just waiting some final detail work.

The team has battled heat and persistent wasps but they have persevered. Keep them in your prayers on Friday.