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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2005
Home Owners

The Jetton Home Story

Saturday June 4, 2005

Mr Jetton is 81 years old. Despite his age he continues to work on his land. He shares a three acre garden with his neighbor and about five years ago took up beekeeping. He lost the use of one eye in 1945 and is developing glaucoma in the other. Despite that he continues to work hard.

The front of the Jetton home. This is a two bedroom home.

Mr Jetton would like to move out of his grandaughter's home. His home is next to his grandaughter's home but it is currently not livable. Our objective will be to help him get this home in shape. We won't get it all the way to where it needs to be but we'll leave it better shape than how we found it.

Here are the major priorities for the Ramsey home:

  • Put siding on the outside
  • Insulate the walls and attic
  • Replacing the windows
  • Create a working kitchen
  • Create a working bathroom

Other possible projects include building steps and a porch for the front and side door.

Check back here beginning on Monday July 18, 2005 to see the progress on the Jetton home

Monday July 18, 2005

The adults on the Jetton home are: Baker Ratliff (site leader), Carl Duncan, David Flake and Keith Eudy. The youth are Andy Culbreath, Michael Wright, Spencer Dobbins, Justin Blackburn, Hiley Davis, Chelsey Young, Kristina Tiero and Melissa Canaan.

The Jetton team has nearly completed the wrapping of the house

The major projects for the week will be applying siding to the outside of the house, building a wraparound porch, installing a kitchen and installing the bathroom. This will be in addition to the usual painting and flooring that will need to be done.

On Monday the team was able to:

  • Install foam insulation around the house
  • Remove, then replace a wall to accomadate a refridgerator in the kitchen
  • Set the placement of the posts for the deck
  • Build a shower in the bathroom

A great start to the week

Tuesday July 19 & Wednesday July 20, 2005

There were many projects on the go at the Jetton home.

  • The siding work is 75% complete. This looks like a completely different house. All team members participated in the putting on the siding.
  • The new windows have been put in. Andy Culbreath and Kristina Tiero worked on the windows.
  • The deck posts have been put into the ground
  • In the bathroom the shower has been put in, the linoleum floor is complete, the toilet is installed and the vanity is in place
  • In the kitchen the wall has been moved to accommadate a refridgerator

There is a significant transformation going on at the Jetton house

Working on the Jetton deck

Thursday July 21, 2005

The team continued their progress. The front deck is complete, the windows are in, the bathroom sink and toile are in place, the tub surround is done, the kitchen cabinets are in, the floor in the bathroom and kitchen are in and the siding is almost complete.

Friday begins the final push. Keep them in your prayers.