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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2005
Home Owners

The Stevenson Home Story

Saturday June 4, 2005

Ms Stephenson lives alone in her home. Both her knees are in bad shape and she has difficulty moving around. However, one of her passions is fishing and she'll do this whenever she gets the chance.

The front door of the Stephenson home

Ms Stevenson's home may be the toughest home we work on this year. The kitchen is very tiny and a leaking roof has essentially destroyed the rear addition. In addition, there seems to be some structural problems with the roof. The floor in the kitchen slopes badly.

Here are the major priorities for the Stevenson home:

  • Renovate the kitchen. It may be necessary to remove an existing wall to create a larger kitchen.
  • Replace the roof on the addition
  • If possible, level the kitchen floor
  • Replace the front porch

Other possible projects include replacing exterior doors and painting the interior.

Check back here beginning on Monday July 18, 2005 to see the progress on the Stephenson home

Monday July 18, 2005

The adults on the Stevenson team are: John Ballentine (site leader), Tresca Hollis, Larry Hawkey and Chris Kerns. The youth are Claire Baker, Kelsey Blackburn, Tyler Wilson, Carly Morrison, Cody Shores, Cole Mull, Derek Stewart and Jay Shepherd.

The rear utility room of the Stevenson home is just about off

Monday was tear out day at the Stevenson home. The team was able to:

  • Completely tear out the kitchen
  • Remove 90% of the rear utility room
  • Removed the front deck

In the process they filled up their dumpster. We haven't had that happen on day one before

There will be an exciting transformation going on at the Stevenson home this week

Tuesday July 19 & Wednesday July 20, 2005

After spending much of the day on Monday tearing apart the utility room and the kitchen of the Stevenson house the team took the next two days building stuff up.

Here's the major projects and what has happened:

  • The front deck has been mostly built after having been torn down on Monday. The team has built a ramp which will allow Mrs Stevenson to get out of the front of her house much more easily. The stairs are also in place. The only thing remaining are the rails for the house. Cody Shores, Claire Baker, Cole Mull, Carly Morrison and Kelsey Blackburn participated in the building of the deck.
  • The kitchen is definitely a huge project. The team gutted the kitchen on the first day and on Tuesday they eliminated the wall between the kitchen and a spare bedroom. The whole space will create a huge new kitchen for Mrs Stevenson. At this point the subfloor has been put back in place and some walls have been painted. Just about everyone on the team has participated in the kitchen.
  • The living room now has a new linoleum floor replacing the old one. It looks much, much better. At the end of the day on Wednesday Mrs. Stevenson announced that she would be doing some painting in that room. Most of the team worked on the floor.
  • The utility room at the back of the house will probably be the biggest challenge this team has undertaken. The utility room was essentially torn away with the exception of the two end walls. At the end of the day on Wednesday the team had rebuilt the floor, the subfloor was in place and the back wall was completely framed. The big challenge for Tuesday was to build and attach the roof of the utility room to the rest of the house. This is a huge effort and everyone on the team participated in one way or the other.

The Stevenson team will be looking forward to a big day on Thursday.

Hammering in the rafters in place

Thursday July 21, 2005

The team got a lot done. Mr Ballentine, Sr and Perry Brittain joined the team. The roof has been put onto the utility room and tied into the house. The interior is coming along. But there's still a lot to be done.

The team broke the news to Carly that there really isn't any such thing as a "board stretcher". Carly, like the good sport she is, took it in stride. A couple of first timers fall for the "board stretcher" routine every year and this year it was Carly's turn. Carly has worked really hard this week and we look forward to her returning next year.

John Ballentine works his team hard but they have responded with a lot accomplished this week. Keep them in your prayers for Friday.