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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2006
Home Owners

The Blackman Home Story

Monday, July 17 2006

Mrs Blackman lives alone in her home. It was the home that she and her husband lived in. Mrs Blackman's husband passed away about 5 years ago. Since then she has been unable to maintain her home on her own. The back deck and front steps present safety issues.

The Blackman Home

Here are the major priorities for the Blackman home:

  • Tear down and replace the back deck
  • Create some kind of storage facility in the backyard near the new deck
  • Repair or replace the front steps
  • Repair some leaks in the house

The Blackman team includes the following adults: Larry Hawkey (site leader), Bill Mello, Chris Kerns and Keith Eudy. The youth are: Tyler Wilson, Julie Pollard, Laura Beth Hamrick, Matt Baker, Joshua Anderson, Spencer Dobbins, Dustin Smith.

On Monday the team was able to accomplish the following:

  • completely removed the back deck (and filled up the dumpster)
  • removed the debris in the back yard
  • addressed some minor plumbing issues
  • poured footings for the new deck

Larry Hawkey is a site leader for the first team. His team made great progress on Monday and will start building the deck on Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 18 2006

Here's the short update.

  • The team has framed most of the storage room
  • The platform for the deck is completed. Decking and rails go up today

A good day for the Blackman site. If we can keep people from stepping on nails we should be fine.

Wednesday, July 19 2006

This team is the furthest ahead insofar as getting all their projects completed. Aside from the steps the deck is done. The utility shed will get done on Thursday. That will leave the front steps. As a first time site leader, Larry Hawkey, has done a good job keeping the team focused and on schedule. Having a great bunch of team members (adults and youth) has also helped

The deck is complete at the Blackman home

This site also had the distinction of filling up their dumpster the quickest.

This site has no shade trees so it is very difficult to get out of the sun. Now that the decking is completed the teams will be able to hide under the deck during the breaks since it's over 7 feet high.

This team should have no problem getting finished by Friday.

Thursday, July 20 2006

The team continued making good progress through end of day Thursday. The deck was complete and the front steps were also complete. The only projects remaining were the replacement of the vanity in the bathroom and the completion of the utility shed.

The team was showing the effects of being in the heat all week. Since 95% of the work took place outside there weren't many opportunities to escape the heat. Fortunately most of the projects are complete and the team can afford to slow down a bit.