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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2006
Home Owners

The Hicks Home Story

Monday, July 17 2006

Mr and Mrs Hicks have lived in their neighborhood for many years. They are surrounded by other members of their family. Last year we worked on the home of Mr Hicks sister.

The Hicks Home

Here are the major priorities for the Hicks team:

  • Replace the shingles
  • Renovate the bathroom
  • Build railing in the front and back of the house

The Hicks team includes the following adults: Ed Goodson (site leader), Leigh Davis and Phil Setzer. The youth are: Jarad Osterhus, Nicole Sager, Hunter Davis, Cody Allen, Claire Baker and Kevin McDuffie.

On Monday the team accomplished a lot.

  • removed the shingles on 1/2 of the roof
  • replace the rotting sheating on that 1/2 of roof
  • gutted the bathroom

The team had a very good first day. The roof is turning out to be a bigger job than anticipated but the team has it under control.

The roof is complete aside from some trimming

Tuesday, July 18 2006

Here's the short update.

  • The roof has been a bigger job than anticipated but the team has shingled half the roof and has begun shingling the second half. It should be completed Wednesday.
  • The bathroom walls are completely torn out.
  • The team has begun to build the rails for the front and back steps

Everything is on schedule.

Wednesday, July 19 2006

Along with the Blackman site, this team is moving at a rate that should have their projects mostly completed by end of day on Thursday.

The roof is shingled ... some trim work and tarring is needed. The bathroom is in great shape with the tub surround in place. The painting of the bathroom will begin on Thursday.

Again, they should have no problem getting it completed.

Thursday, July 20 2006

Every team was given the option of working till 6pm today. The Hicks team mostly completed their projects by end of day Thursday. The roof was complete, the front railing was complete and the bathroom need a few minor touch ups. The only project left of any significance was the rear railing and the team wouldn't have any problem completing that by noon.

Mrs Hicks approached me during the day and told me that the front railing had made a huge difference to her. She noticed it in the morning when she went to get her newspaper. The railing allowed her to take a lot of pressure of her left hip.

Friday, July 21 2006

As expected the team was finished by noon. It had been a good week.