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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2006
Home Owners

The Torrence Home Story

Monday, July 17 2006

Mrs Torrence is 79 years old and lives alone in her home. I first called Mrs Torrence early in 2006. I had received her name a number of months earlier from someone who felt she could use our help. When I introduced myself over the phone and told her what we did her first response was "You found me!". She is very happy that we are working on her home this week.

The Torrence Home

Here are the major priorities for the Torrence home:

  • Paint the interior of house
  • Investigate/repair a possible roof leak
  • Update the kitchen and add cabinets
  • Fix the plumbing such that there can be a washer/dryer
  • Build a ramp

The Torrence team includes the following adults: Vance Lowe (site leader), Lou Roehm and Tresca Hollis. The youth are: Charlie McMillan, Robert Dobbins, Kyle Shores, Erin Mode, Kelsey Blackburn, Caitlin Earnhart and Melissa Kelly.

On Monday the team was able to accomplish the following:

  • rip up the existing carpeting
  • remove the falling paint/plaster from the ceilings and some walls
  • tear down unwanted cabinets in the kitchen
  • put down new subfloor

The team had a very good first day. Vance Lowe: "This is the hardest working team I have every seen."

Tuesday, July 18 2006

Here's the short update:

  • Kitchen is primed and ready for painting. All wall surfaces are up.
  • Posts are in for the deck
  • Subfloors are complete.
  • Rotted portions of the roof have been removed

A good day.

Doing some painting in the Torrence home

Wednesday, July 19 2006

Mrs Torrence has declared her deck "outasight".

The Torrence team has a number of projects going on and they are all well underway. The plan here is to complete all the painting Thursday morning so flooring can go down in the afternoon. If that can happen then the team should be able to finish up on Friday.

Thursday, July 20 2006

The Torrence team put in a long day on Thursday. The deck and ramp which has taken longer than planned was about 98% complete by the end of the day on Thursday. The roof repairs are complete and most of the painting is completed. There are still a number of projects that need to be completed. The team will need every hour available to them on Friday to complete everything.

Friday, July 21 2006

The team was able to complete all but a few minor projects. The drain for the washer would wait until the week following camp. Other than a few light fixtures, a ceiling fan and a couple of touch ups here and there the team was able to finish. The Camp Director finally urged everyone to head to the showers by 3:50pm.

During the tour Mrs Torrence spoke about the team and how well they did over the course of the week. She described them as some of the most well-mannered kids she had every met. She described her team as the best team of any in the camp. That comment alone drew a few laughs.