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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2008

The Robinson Home

The adults on the Robinson team are Baker Ratliff (Site Leader), Larry Hawkey, Wanda Watts, Lisa Kasprzak and Robert Motley. The youth are Charlie McMillan, Meredith Davis, Dakota Terry, Erin Dabbs, Whitney Wilson, Meredith Norris and Lantz Weaver.

Monday July 21, 2008

Today's activities were:

  • Work on deck around pool
  • Built trench to replace/bury pipes
  • Replaced plumbing pipes
  • Bathroom - took out existing shower, toilet, and sink
  • Prepped for vinyl siding

Tuesday July 22, 2008

Today's activities were:

  • Vinyl siding begun
  • Deck supports
  • Half of deck boards nailed in around pool
  • Bathroom completely demolished and shower installed
  • Tub was caulked
  • Bathroom floor boards down

Wednesday July 23, 2008

Today's activities were:

  • Vinyl siding around 2 1/2 sides of home
  • Dck almost finished
  • Ctting pipes for plumbing
  • Pumbing
  • Eerything in bathroom being worked on
  • Sower installed
  • Walls installed

Thursday July 24, 2008

Today's activities were:

  • painting outside
  • cleaning furniture
  • finshed deck
  • finished vinyl siding on the house
  • basic cleaning
  • prime and paint
  • facial boards
  • everything in the bathroom worked on
  • refloored a room

Friday July 25, 2008

Today's activities were:

  • painted exterior
  • vinyl siding
  • deck around pool
  • took out rotten siding and repaired
  • replaced facial boards
  • repaired bathroom
  • new sink, toilet, towel rack, and curtain in the bathroom
  • took out rotten boards on the deck
  • replaced joyces and planks around deck
  • tore out floor in bathroom and replaced it
  • fixed holes in walls
  • new floor in bedroom