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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2008

The Tindal Home

The adults on the Tindal team are John Ballentine (Site Leader), Tresca Hollis, David Flake & Kelsey Blackburn. The youth are Connor Freshwater, Rachel Marsh, Olivia Poole, Evan Ballenger, Erin Mode, Spencer Dobbins and Matt Baker.

Monday, July 21

Today's major activities included:

  • Tore out kitchen
  • The downstairs floor was torn out and boards were replaced
  • Made an opening for French doors inside the house
  • Pulled off molding outside house
  • Replace boards in the floor in the foyer

Tuesday, July 22

Today's major activities included:

  • Molding over new flashing to stop the leaking and fix rotten boards on the side of the house
  • Deck supports built
  • Painting - primed the house and window frames
  • Filled in floor holes
  • Prepped floor for new covering

Wednesday, July 23

Today's major activities included:

  • Walls prepped for cabinets in the kitchen
  • Supports for back deck up to second story right outside of the kitchen
  • Loads of painting, plumbing, fixing floors, and installing toilets

Thursday, July 24

Today's major activities included:

  • deck nearly finished
  • painting in the kitchen, stairs railing, downstairs room, and in the bathroom
  • flashing - put in and primed
  • toilet installed
  • bathroom floor
  • rewiring washing machine and other cords

Friday, July 25

Today's major activities included:

  • painted exterior and shutters
  • painted interior
  • 2 new toilets were installed
  • new kitchen counters and shutters
  • built back porch (10 ft high) with french doors
  • new floors downstairs and in the bathroom and kitchen