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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2009


Huntersville Weather

Homepage for the 2009 Huntersville Camp

During the 2009 Camp you will be able to follow along on this website. Lots going on during the week. You can check out updates from the Camp Director everyday during the week. The Photo Gallery will have 100+ new pictures everyday for you to look at. Check in on what's going on with at each of the Home Sites. We'll try to get out updates everyday. We also plan to put some Videos on the site everyday. If we really have our act together we should also be able to put a few podcasts on Salkehatchie Radio. One of our most popular features every year is that you can Send a Message to your favorite camper. This year we will be trying out a new feature. For the first time campers who take pictures with their cell phones will be able to send them directly to the Cell Phone Photo Gallery. We're really experimenting with that but we hope to really test it out during the camp.

As you can see there will be lots to see on the website. Feel free to post this link to your favorite site using the Share link above.

Closing Presentation

For those of you with PowerPoint and the patience for long downloads here's the Closing Presentation from this year's camp. This presentation was shown to the campers on Saturday morning.