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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2010

The Banks Home

The adults on the Banks team are Carl Duncan (Site Leader), Hope Oliphant, Justin Blackburn, Beth Carlton and Kyle Shores. The youth are Tripp Oliphant, Cody Allen, Collin Blackburn, Lauren Carlton, Lindsey Perret, Chelsea Faggart and Samantha Cable.

Monday July 19, 2010

At the outset of the camp this appeared to be the most ambitious home. In the weeks leading up to the camp we came to understand that not only did the roof leak but it was so structurally compromised that it might need to be torn off completely right down to the rafters. At the back the roof had two pitches; the pitch of the original house and the pitch of an addition that would built onto the house. It was that addition that caused the problem. Since the pitch was so flat it had chronic leaking problems that caused considerable damage inside of the house. In addition, there were huge problems in the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom had a hole in the floor which allowed you to see into the crawlspace. In the kitchen, the cabinets had rotted over time.

However, this team was assigned Michael Stewart, a local carpenter that has worked with the Huntersville Salkehatchie team for the past five years. He's been our go-to guy for the toughest projects. Michael immediately got the team working to remove the existing roof too see just how much damage there was on the roof. The good news was that it was in better shape than expected.

In the kitchen Carl was surprised to find that the kitchen cabinets were in such bad shape that they would need to be replaced. The team removed all the lower cabinets and kept the upper cabinets that they felt could be salvaged.

The bathroom team began to dismantle the bathroom as quickly as possible and by the end of the day had completely gutted it.

Up on the roof the front of the house was almost completely reshingled.

Good progress the first day but this was going to be a big job.

Tuesday July 20, 2010

At the end of Tuesday Carl was worried about the progress that had been made. However, I thought they got a lot done.

The biggest progress was on the roof where Michael led the team of youth and adults. In the morning the new rafters were laid that removed the "double" pitch in the roof. The continous slope would greatly improve water drainage. By the end of the day the roof was completely watertight. Another Michael Stewart miracle.

On the inside the progress was steady although maybe not where Carl wanted it to be. The kitchen was mostly drywalled and the bathroom floor seemed to be coming along. The major problem for the bathroom floor was it's unevenness which made attempts to put down a subfloor difficult.

However, with the roof likely to be completed on Wednesday more hands would be available to work inside the house.

Wednesday July 21, 2010

With the roof all but completed the team turned its attention to the interior of the house. The bathroom and kitchen projects continued to progress. The kitchen plan was to do the walls, ceiling, floor and the kitchen cabinets. The team also had cleared out a half wall which gave the appearance of more space. The potential transformation was huge.

In the bathroom the floor continues to give the team fits but progress was being made.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The team seemed to hit their stride on Thursday. Visible progress was being seen in the kitchen and bathroom. On the outside Michael and Salvatore were putting the finishing touches on the soffits. By the end of the day the roof looked professionally finished. It made a huge difference.

One issue that was revealed on Thursday was the water heater. It wasn't delivering any hot water. It seemed to stop working only a few days before the campers arrived. It seemed that the solid state component had been damaged. It seemed to be a fairly new unit. We really didn't know what we could or should do about it.

In the kitchen the white tile ceiling was completed while the drywall was beginning to be sanded. During the day, kitchen cabinets had arrived and they were put in place. The linoleum floor was also brought in. The kitchen was starting to look like a kitchen.

In the bathroom the bathtub and shower surround was put in along with the vanity. It seemed to be coming together.

The potential transformation on Friday was shaping up to be dramatic.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wow is probably the word that best describes the transformation that took place at this home over the course of the week. With Michael Stewart and Salvadore leading the roofing project Carl and the rest of the team engineered a small miracle on the inside of the home. The three rooms that had been devastated by water damaged had been completely transformed. Those rooms were the kitchen, bathroom and back bedroom.

The kitchen which had been dark and dingy was suddenly bright with white cabinets, a white ceiling and bright blue walls. On top of that was a new linoleum floor. The bathroom looked brand new. And the back bedroom had a new white ceiling and the walls a fresh coat of paint.

I wouldn't have thought any of this possible at the beginning of week. What made the week even more memorable was the direct participation of Chaz and Kristi in the whole process. At the end of the week they were working along side everyone else attempting to get the house done.

It was a great week at the Banks home.