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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2010

The Berry Home

The adults on the Berry team are John Ballentine (Site Leader), Hope Ballentine, Allison Cook, Spencer Dobbins and Michael Freeman. The youth are Erin Dabbs, Olivia Poole, Caroline Davis, Evan Ballenger, Chris Scoggins and Taylor Jones.

Monday July 19, 2010

For the first time in the history of this camp we worked on the same house two consecutive years. Last we essentially rebuilt Ms Berry's back room. The room was an addition that was added to the original home. The flat roof made it very susceptible to water damage and over the years the room was destroyed. We rebuilt it and made it into a usable space.

Our major projects this year are to finish that back room and also renovate the kitchen and bathroom. This will be made more difficult because of some structural issues that exist with the foundation and the floor joists.

On Monday the team got to work tearing stuff out. They got rid of the kitchen cabinets and started tearing up the kitchen floor. In the bathroom the team did the same. It became apparent that there had been some previous attempted repairs in the bathroom as evidence by a floating floor that wasn't attached to the house.

A team led by Allison Cook began the work to finish the back room. Today this involved applying joint compound to the drywall that was installed last year. It was going to be rather boring work but it was necessary in order to prepare the drywall for priming and painting.

There was pretty good progress over the course of the day. Ms Berry is delighted to have Salkehatchie back this year. Since most of the work will be indoors weather won't be a big issue.

Tuesday July 20, 2010

Joining the team today were Baker and Jennifer Ratliff. Baker and Jen came up for the day to help out. Their children, Abigail and Cooper would be babysat by Natalia Kita. Baker spent much of the day under the house in the bathroom trying to jack up portions of the house. Much of the day would be dedicated to engineering-type tasks. The house is old and badly out of alignment. There was no way to make it perfect but the team thought it would be good to do things that would level the floors in the kitchen and bathroom.

After speaking to John late in the day he said that he would have liked to have gotten more done today. I thought they had made pretty good progress given the existing condition of the house.

The team in the back room made good progress getting the joint compound sanded. The room would be ready for painting on Wednesday.

Wednesday July 21, 2010

Wednesday seemed to be a good news, bad news day for the Berry team. On the good side a lot of painting got done in the back room. The color chosen for the walls was a yellow gold color with a white ceiling. The room looked great. There was even trim being put up.

In addition the scraping continued outside as the team prepared the house for painting.

On the down side the team continued to deal with the engineering issues necessitated by the house's wonky foundation. Progress to get the bathroom floor and kitchen floor finished was slow.

At the end of Wednesday, John felt the team really needed to make a lot progress on Thursday.

Thursday July 22, 2010

The team was able to make use of the longer work day. On the outside of the house the rotted siding at the fron of the house was replaced with new wood. By the end of the day it had been primed and painted. It looked good. Everything seemed to move ahead at an accelerated pace in the kitchen and bathroom. By the end of the day kitchen cabinets had been delivered to kitchen and luan was put on the kitchen floor and walls. It was starting to come together.

In the bathroom, the subfloor was laid and the tub was set. The tile floor was starting to go down.

After dinner the team took advantage of the free evening and the fact that the Berry home was two minutes from the church to put in another couple of hours. John later told me that he was glad that they did. They had made a lot a progress.

The team seems to be positioned for a big finish on Friday

Friday July 23, 2010

The Berry team hit the ground running on Friday morning with the priorities being to get the bathroom and kitchen functional. The finishing touches could be added, if required, later. The team called it a day about 4:00pm and for the most part had met their objective. There were going to be the need for some cabinets to be hung and some trim work completed but for the most part the major projects had been completed.

Ms Berry is a very gracious lady. During the tour of homes she couldn't praise the team enough for the work they had done, not only this year but in 2009. Over the two years we had brought the home a long way. Starting with the back room which we essentially took apart and rebuilt we also completely renovated the kitchen and bathroom. Along the way we painted the house, built large deck and replaced most of the bad siding. We even had reshingled the back side of the house.