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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2010

The McCauley Home

The adults on the McCauley team are William Flake (Site Leader), Frank Greene, Vance Lowe, Sharon Hilliard and Heather Doss. The youth are Tyler Dobbins, Grace Sykes, Sabrina Runnerstrom, TJ Bell, Tyler Matthews and Katie Greene.

Monday July 19, 2010

The projects on the McCauley site seem to be rather straightforward; re-shingle the roof, replace the gutters, build a deck in the backyard and repair some rot in the batroom floor near the toilet.

When the team arrived they immediately got a few adults and youths on the roof and began removing the shingles. There was only a single layer of shingles so the work proceeded rather quickly.

Vance Lowe was "elected" to go into the bathroom to tear up the part of the bathroom floor around the toilet. This wasn't going to be a major bathroom renovation but the floor around the toilet needed to come out.

The other major project was the back deck and the team began to measure for and dig the footings.

The team also removed the doors from the kitchen cabinets and began to clean them.

The team made good progress on the day, especially on the roof where once side was cleared, felted and shingled past half. However, one of the concerns that arose was the blistering heat up on the roof. Sharon Hilliard had to get down off the roof due to the heat and a few others began to wear down. The team will need to be especially vigilant over the next few days.

Tuesday July 20, 2010

On Tuesday progress on the McCauley home was steady but at the sametime the team didn't seem to move as quickly as they would like. The roof was progressing the team was really slowing down in the heat of the day which hit about 96F in the Huntersville area. One could only guess what it was on the roof. About mid-afternoon the team got off the roof and found other projects to work on.

The kitchen cabinets were cleaned up and the concrete was poured to form the footings for the deck.

The bathroom subfloor was put in place so that the team would be able to put down new flooring on Wednesday.

Wednesday July 21, 2010

It wasn't any cooler on Wednesday but the McCauley team got an early start on roof while the temperature was in the 80's. The object was to get the roof finished but the searing heat took its toll on the team by mid morning. Although there were perhaps no more than 10 rows of shingles remaining the team came off the roof for the day. It was probably the best move since the roof could eaily be completed within a couple of hours on Thursday.

The remainder of the day was spent building the structure of the deck and getting the flooring completed in the kitchen. Because there are no trees on the McCauley property the only way to keep cool is to go inside.

Despite the challenges with the heat the team seems on schedule to get all their projects done by Friday.

Thursday July 22, 2010

On Thursday, the McCauley team made steady progress on their major projects. The roof was completed as expected in the early morning. The deck posts, decking and steps were put in place with only the railing left for Friday.

In the bathroom the team only needed to wait for the plumber to get the toilet seated.

The biggest challenge of the day seemed to be getting the popcorn ceiling patched. The team probably had seen all the popcorn ceiling they ever wanted.

The team is in good position to finish up in the early afternoon on Friday.

Friday July 23, 2010

The McCauley home was moving along right on schedule. In fact they were right on track to finish about noon. This can sometimes be a dangerous time for a team. In this position teams can one of two things. They can A) consider the early finish a blessing and be glad to get out of the 100F heat (see Harvin Team) or B) they can think of something else to do.

Choosing "B" can sometimes be a problem. The team thought it would be great idea to use the extra time to spread some mulch in the yard. So a quick call was placed to a local tree service that quickly obliged and brought over a load of free mulch. It was free because tree services will put their waste through a wood chipper and are only too happy to give it away. It seemed like a good plan until the team realized they had enough mulch to cover a football field.

After spending a couple of hours trying to spread mulch on Ms McCauley's property and that of her neighbors the team realized it just wasn't going to get done.

The mulch incident aside the team had accomplished quite a bit over the week. The roof had been completely reshingled, a new deck was built in the backyard, the bathroom floor was repaired, a new vanity was installed, a new sidedoor had been put up and kitchen cabinets had been either replaced or refaced. A new freezer was put into the utility room allowing Ms McCauley to remove the old freezer from the kitchen. It was a great week.