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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2011

The Henderson Home

During the camp you can check here for updates on what's going on at the Henderson home.

Monday July 18, 2011

The adults on the Henderson team are Carl Duncan (Site Leader), Jane Alexander, Harvey McCormick, Lauren Carlton and Keith Eudy. The youth are Samantha Cable, Haleigh Silvers, Hannah Leonard, Wyatt Peters, Jonathan Farthing, Lindsey Perret, Matt Owens and Calvin Smith.

The Henderson home had a number of issues throughout the house. Most notably the kitchen and bathroom were in bad shape. Months before the start of camp we made the decision to completely replace the kitchen cabinets. We had received some kitchen cabinets that had been removed from a Huntersville home as part of a renovation. There weren't enough cabinets to complete the Henderson kitchen so Mike Stedman copied the design and made cabinets that would match. Mona then finished them so that the colors would match. The final product looked very good.

The other rooms in the Henderson home would need various repairs. At a minimum each room needed to be painted. Some rooms needed door replacements. Others needed floor repairs.

When the team arrived demolition was the first order of the day. The kitchen was quickly torn apart as well as the bathroom. By midday the bathroom was completely gutted and you could see into the crawlspace. The kitchen floor was intact except for the area where the kitchen sink had stood. The team made great progress but was slowed down by a leaking copper pipe.

Other members of the team cleared the back bedroom of furniture and began painting. The front deck repairs also began.

A lot of work was completed today.

Tuesday July 19, 2011

Great Progress

Carl thought he could hang cabinets in the kitchen today. It didn't work out that way but the thought of hanging the kitchen cabinets on Tuesday would suggest that the Henderson team is moving quickly. The drywall in the bathroom is just about complete and the tub surround is installed.

The painting of the rooms is continuing at a very good pace.

We have a very happy homeowner.

Carl has taken his team and is engineering a dramatic transformation at the Henderson home.

Wednesday July 20, 2011

Lots of Projects

There's hardly any part of the house where there isn't a project of some type going on. There's painting in the bedrooms, repairs being made on the front deck, a complete kitchen renovation as well as a complete bathroom renovation.

Amazingly, the team seems to be running ahead of their schedule.

Kitchen cabinets went up today. Bathroom is ready for painting and plumbing fixtures.

There was, however a little excitement in the house that made the team feel more than a little uncomfortable at the end of the day. It caused me to have a phone call with Ms Henderson in the evening to ensure that we wouldn't have a repeat of the incident later in the week.

With that behind us the team looks forward to having all projects completed by the end of the week.

Thursday July 21, 2011

I'm not quite sure how Carl does it but every year he exceeds what I think are high expectations. The Henderson home has seen a dramatic change this week. Ms Henderson is very happy. On Thursday she started to throw out a lot of things she has held on to for many years. Transformations come in many forms.

The team is clearly tired but they've maintained their focus. They are heading towards a great Friday closing.