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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2011

The Phillips Home

During the camp you can check here for updates on what's going on at the Phillips home.

Monday July 18, 2011

The adults on the Phillips team are William Flake (Site Leader), Sharon Hilliard, Glen Runnerstrom, Allison Cook and Meredith Davis. The youth are Will Eudy, Chris Alton, Sabrina Runnerstrom, Courtney Barbee, Megan Kahn and Seth Wood.

The primary work will be in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets will be replaced. Mike Stedman will build them! In addition the floor is sagging in places and will need to be shored up. In addition, the bathroom will require some cosmetic improvements.

The team got off to an interesting start by leaving Meredith Davis at the church. They quickly realized their mistake and came back to pick her up. Hopefully, the emotional scars will heal.

The team quickly got to work pulling up the kitchen floor and pulling out the upper cabinets. Ms Phillips had already removed the refrigerator and stove from the kitchen. The lower cabinets needed to stay in place until at least the water was shut off. The sink had no shutoff valves.

By the end of the day all of the cabinets had been removed. Over the couse of the day the team had gotten under the floor and discovered how the floor had been sagging. The team put in some new footings which quickly solved the problem.

The team also cleaned up the walls and ceiling in the front room. It was beginning to look like a new room.

In the bathroom, the bathtub surround was removed and the team began to clean up the glue and caulking so that a modern tub surround could be put in its place.

On the outside of the house, the team removed some of the rotted sofits.

A lot of work got done on Monday!

Tuesday July 19, 2011


No one wants to get cocky but the Phillips team is predicting an early finish .... and they may be right.

The team found no bad surprises under the kitchen floor and are beginning to move to the finishing phase on certain projects and it's only Tuesday!

The kitchen floor is complete. The team put down a wood laminate that far exceeded the expectations of Ms Phillips.

Most of the painting on the outside has been completed and the team has made good progress in the bathroom

Hopefully they can keep up this pace.

Wednesday July 20, 2011

Racing to the Finish Line

Ms Phillips can't believe how good the kitchen floor looks. And it really does look good. The laminate wood flooring was a big surprise to her. She had been expecting vinyl. The baseboard really makes it look good.

Bathroom painted ... check. Bathroom floor completed .... check. Painting outdoors completed .... check.

The kitchen cabinets will arrive in the morning. That will be Thursday's biggest project along with installing the gutters in the front of the house.

The Phillips team continues to cruise.

Thursday July 21, 2011

If not for the sudden downpour about 5:00pm the kitchen might have been completed. The only major project left was putting in the countertops and cabinet drawers. The outside work is complete and bathroom is all but done. It's now just a matter of assembling the kitchen.

Friday should be a great day!