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A Salkehatchie Poem for the Huntersville Camp

by Larry Hawkey

Prior to the 2004 Huntersville Camp Larry wrote this poem, perhaps as way to keep track of everyone who was attending from McMannen UMC. Enjoy!

Larry Hawkey is the Senior High Youth Director at McMannen United Methodist Church in Durham, North Carolina. He attended our Huntersvile Camp in 2004. It was his first Salkehatchie Camp. A part-time poet, Larry wrote this poem prior to the 2004 Camp

Hillary thinks Salkehatchie is really fun.
She should know, many she has done.
Even though she's not been to Huntersville.
Still she seems sure it will be quite a thrill.

Andrew is different, on the other hand
Keeps most of his emotion in a can
It is not that he wants to be heroic
It is just that he is rather stoic

Julie is sure to work in a diligent manner
With or without a really good hammer
She is willing to work hard and rather long
With her on your site you can't go wrong

Robert to is going with plan
If it's work upstairs, he's your man
It would seem he's an insulating fanatic
Proving that there aren't just bats in his attic

Justin it would seem that this is new
We'll have to wait to see what he will do
I'm really sure he will rip, cut and pound
But can he do it with out making a sound?

Kelsey too is a first timer camper
I am quite sure this won't hamper
We'll all see her through her paces
After all she fits in the small spaces

Chelsey Brooke also will go this time
Odds are great that she'll do fine
Her smile so big, always lights up her face
We'll see what it does in a dark crawl space

Hunter may keep us under budget
If not, we can help him fudge it
Remember, after all the labor is cheap
So even an accountant won't loose sleep

Me, it looks like I'm "getting" to go
I may work some but very very slow
Maybe the youth will put me in the shade
Then bring me ice tea or maybe lemonade

Laura Pascal will be there
With her hammer and a square
Know that she can be counted on
Even though she is very very blonde

McMannen send us off with all your blessing
So that God's pure Love we'll be professing
All our talents we'll give away
All we ask is that you pray