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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Shelby Camp 2007

The Mauney Home Story

Monday June 25

The team arrived at the Mauney Home about 7:00am. The adult members of the team were Jerry Kita (Site Leader), Larry Hawkey, Mickey Mixon, Lael Warden, Pam Kirouac and Crystal Dabbs. The youth members of the team were Rebekah Phillips, Matthew Mixon, Jaclyn Warden, Morgan Marshall, Troy Daniel, Nathan Kita and Elizabeth Hilliard.

There were three major projects to be completed on the Mauney Home .... the roof, the kitchen and the carport. Although the roof was not leaking it was certainly showing its age. The team felt that the roof might not last another couple of years and that it made sense to replace the shingles. The kitchen had been severely damaged by fire and although Tony Mauney (the homeowner's son) had done a lot of work to bring it back to a usable condition there was much more to be done. The carport was obviously in disrepair. The carport had a flat roof. The roof was covered with a black rubber membrane that was itself covered with white rocks. There were clear signs of water damage on the left front side.

Nathan Kita and Rebekah Phillips got started on ripping down the plywood ceiling in the carport. The intent was to expose the structure of the carport to view the extent of the damage. At that point the team would be in a position to correct the structural damage and then build a shed roof on the carport.

Mickey Mixon lead the team on the roof. Joining him were Elizabeth Hilliard, Troy Daniel, Crystal Dabbs and Matthew Mixon. The roof team quickly realized it was going to be a hot week on the roof. In addition, there was an emerging concern regarding the overall structure of roof. The team persevered over the course of the morning removing the shingles from the back side (east) side of the house.

On the inside Larry Hawkey lead the team working on the kitchen. The first task was to remove the existing cabinets from the kitchen and all of the moulding. Larry was assisted by Lael Warden, Pam Kirouac, Morgan Marshall and Jaclyn Warden. Once the existing cabinets were removed the team began covering some of the existing walls with lauan (pronounced LOU-awn). After the fire many of the walls were repaired using particle board which left a rather unattractive finish. The lauan would cover the particle board. Also known as Salkehatchie drywall, lauan is relatively easy to install and holds paint well.

Dumping rocks from the carport into the dumpster

Over the course of the day the team made good progress. However, both the roof and carport were particularly troublesome. The carport was covered with a layer of rocks that needed to be shoveled into the dumpster. And the plywood that formed the ceiling of the carport was difficult to remove. That combined with the heat made it a long day.

The roof presented it's own challenges. As the team removed the shingles it became obvious that much of the sheathing would need to be replaced. Although we had expected some sheathing to be replaced we didn't anticipate the extent of the damage. Ulimately fifteen sheets of plywood would need to be replaced. The high temperatures also meant that the team could only expect to work part of the day.

At the end of the day the east side of the roof had been cleared of all shingles and the 8 bad pieces of sheathing had been replaced. It had been slow tedious work in the heat but the team had made good progress on the roof. A quick look at the sky suggested that a storm might be on its way. The team covered the exposed part of the roof with a tarp.

During supper a large storm hit and the team hoped and prayed that the tarp would stay in place on the roof. An strong wind that got under the tarp would have easily ripped it off the roof. At the conclusion of the Monday evening service Jerry Kita and Mickey Mixon drove out to the house and were relieved to see that the tarp had stayed in place.

Tuesday June 26

The steel bar that had to be removed from the carport

Tuesday began as another blistering hot day. The Mauney team continued the projects that were started the previous day.

On the carport the team continued tearing the carport down to its structural skeleton. The plan was to identify the rotted pieces and replace them and then to turn the flat roof into a pitched roof. From the beginning the team was curious how a pair of 2x8's had been able to span 24 feet supported only by a brick column at one end and a steel post at the other end. The team got their answer when it was revealed that a 24 foot steel plate was sandwiched between the pair of 2x8's. Although that made the team feel better about the skill of the original builder it also meant that more hours would be spent tearing down those rotter 2x8's. The team was forced to unscrew each of the rusty carriage bolts that held the 2x8's and steel plate together. By the end of the day the 2x8's had come down and a temporary support wall had been built to hold up the north end of the carport.

On the inside of the house the team continued to make good progress in the kitchen and in the other rooms. The kitchen was being painted in anticipation of the new cabinets arriving the next day. In addition old door frames were being removed to expose the studs so that new doors could be put in place.

The roofing team continued to make slow but steady progress on the roof. Roofing paper was laid on the east side of the house and the shingles were removed from the west side of the house. Hopes that the sheathing was in better shape on the west side were not realized. The team was again left with the task of replacing the rotted sheathing. This time it was 7 pieces. Again, in anticipation of bad weather the roof was covered with a tarp.

The continued heat and the general structural difficulties of the roof made it evident that the team would be challenged to complete the roof by the end of the week.

The weather report for the remainder of the week said that it was going to stay very hot. This was not good news for the members of the team that were on the carport and the roof.

Wednesday June 27

On Wednesday Carl Duncan delivered the kitchen cabinets. The team set to work getting them painted so that they could be hung the following day.

The rest of the progress inside of the house was also good. The team began working on the floors ... cleaning the floors that could be salvaged and laying down some lauan in anticipation of linoleum being laid. Bob Norris also figured out how to get some of the smoke damaged window panes replaced. The front exterior door was replaced and a number of the interior doors were put into place.

The roofing team was beginning to put shingles on the east side of the house while roofing paper was put on the west side of the house. The oppressive heat continued and the roofing team had to take frequent breaks. The heat was beginning to take its toll as Crystal Dabbs had to take the afternoon off. Others just got off the roof in the afternoon. It was looking like the roof project was not going to be completed.

There were a lot of cabinets to paint

In the morning the team on the carport measured and created the 24 foot doubled 2x8's. Rather than put the 24 foot steel plate in place the team decided to put to extra 4x4 posts instead. The steel plate weighed about 250 pounds and there didn't seem to be a safe way to sandwich it between the two 2x8's and then lift it 8 feet off the ground and position it precisely into place. The 2x8 was completed and put in place by lunch. After lunch a 29" kneewall was built on the south side of the carport. By mid afternoon the first rafter was cut and put into place. By the end of the day four rafters had been put in place.

That evening, during the adult meeting, the Rudasill and Parker teams decided to go to the Mauney home Thursday evening and work on the roof. At this point it appeared that it was the only way to get the roof completed.

Thursday June 28

Thursday was a busy day. The team completed cutting and installing the rafters on the carport. In addition the sheathing was put on the rafters as well as the roofing paper. The inside of the house was mostly completed. Cabinets were hung, doors were put into place, flooring was completed, painting was completed.

They worked hard until about 9 o'clock in the evening

The most amazing effort after the normal workday. After a short snack the three teams went back to the Mauney home to complete the shingling of the roof. The overcast skies dropped the temperature 10-15 degrees and the threatened rain stayed away. It was truly a miracle.

Friday June 29

On Friday the bulk of the efforts were spent on finishing some of the detail work on the inside, completing the roofing of the carport, putting up the siding on the carport and completing some minor work on the roof.

Over the course of the week the team had faced a number of challenges, most notably the structural issues with the carport and roof and and, of course, the oppressive heat. It wasn't easy but most of the work was completed.

In addition to the site team there was help from others such as Cody Allen, Dustin Smith, Bob Norris, Carl Duncan and the members of Parker and Rudasill teams. It was, as expected, as great example of everyone pulling together to get a job done.