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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Shelby Camp 2007

The Parker Home Story

The Parker home is a 70 year old mill house and although it has a strong structure, it has become very run down from lack of care and upkeep. Mr. Parker is not able to clean and care for it and his family have been very overwhelmed at the scope of the work that now exists.

The Parker team was led by adults: Mona Kita, Rick Glazebrook, Dick Walsk, Keri Taylor, and Robert Dobbins. The amazing youth for this team were: Joshua Anderson, Elya Angle, Billy Jack Johnson, Emily Lawson, David LiCause, Jessica Russell, and Nick Stasky.

Monday June 25

The Parker team arrived early on Monday morning. We had our devotion at 6:45 and excitedly began work. With Mr. Parker and his niece helping the team to decide what could be thrown away, the dumpster was filled up by 7:30. Even Mr. Parkerís TV was thrown away, fortunately the mistake was discovered and the television was quickly rescued. The kitchen was completely removed and Robert was reminded of the importance of making sure that the water was turned off before the sink was disconnected.

All of the moldings, the mantle and the 20 year old linoleum were removed. Behind Mr. Parkerís home were three sheds, two of which needed to be removed. The wasps, fire ants and carpenter bees were not pleased with us removing their home, but we survived the day without major injuries.

Emily and Jessica began the long process of priming the lauan in the backyard. We primed as much as we could outside to reduce the traffic inside. In the afternoon we began to hang the insulation and lauan on the exterior walls. During the course of the week we used 85 sheets of lauan, 13 gallons of primer, and 9 gallons of paint.

Tuesday June 26

There was lots of insulation and lauan that needed to be put up on Tuesday. Dick and Emily took charge of framing up a closet and made short work of building a walk in closet, complete with closet organizer, in the home where no closet had previously existed. Nick, Billy Jack and David seemed to have a great time tearing out the existing fireplace, making a cloud of ash and soot that filled the air in the house for hours. Dust masks were really important to us most of the morning.

Robert and Josh became the go-to- guys for everyone who needed boards cut and they spent most of the day at the circular saw.

Wednesday June 27

Lauan everywhere! Most of the insulation has been completed but the lauan seems to go on forever. Ceilings, walls, even floors have to be covered. Door and window trim has to be sanded, primed and put back into the home.

Thursday June 28

Everyone had to get into the act of painting. Billy Jack was a trooper, always ready to do whatever we asked of him and he kept us laughing all day. I donít know where we would have been without the music and dancing that went on while we worked. Elya cleaned out the refrigerator and we were all thankful for her generous spirit. Robert helped Elya and Josh to pressure wash the outside of the house and it really made a huge difference!

Our kitchen cabinets came and were quickly installed. Thanks to Carl Duncan for painting them before he delivered them to us.

Our main goal for the day was to finish Mr. Parkerís room completely so he could sleep in his new space tonight. We finally finished laying the linoleum at 5:00 and moved his new furniture into his room. It was very exciting to show Mr. Parker his new room complete with new ceiling fan, bed and bedding. The walls were painted a light green and he seemed really happy to be in his new space.

After a quick snack we went over to the Mauney site to help that team to catch up on their work. Everyone agrees that what happened there on Thursday night was a miracle. Who would have believed that a whole house could be roofed in just under 2 Ĺ hours?

Friday June 29

Friday at Salkehatchie is always crazy. Our Friday was no exception. Besides all of the painting, cleaning and trim carpentry, Robert Dobbins led a team of youth in building a screened in porch for Mr. Parker. It was amazing how quickly they built it. Inside, Rick and Dick struggled with the electrical finish work. We called in a request for our resident plumber to come and finish up both the bath and kitchen sinks for us. Thanks to Ron McClean for helping us to finish on time.

After lunch we had extra help from the Rudisill team who helped us to pick up trash from the area where the sheds had previously been. Thanks for the extra hands! Although we worked a little past out 3pm deadline, we were so happy that we could leave Mr. Parker with a home that was clean, safe and much more energy efficient. What a joy it was to get to know Mr. Parker!

Salkehatchie is all about being willing to be used for Godís will. The Parker team exemplified the willingness to serve for Godís glory.