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Reflections on Salkehatchie Summer Service

What follows are a series of reflections on the Salkehatchie experience. The Salkehatchie Summer Service program has existed for more than 30 years. Thousands and youth and adults have attended the camps. These are just a few of the stories.


Rev Billy Rintz

"My first experience with Salkehatchie changed me. God used it as a turning point in my life and my ministry at Huntersville United Methodist Church."

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Laura Brittain

"I look forward to Salkehatchie every year. It has taught me many things, like how to use power tools, how to shingle a roof, ... and that with God's help, anything is possible."

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Rev Monica Humpal

"As your team packs up to leave for the day, the children and their grandmother, again tell you how much they appreciate your presence and your hard work."

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Melissa Kelly

"By Friday, our last day of work, we could all see how all the hard work paid off. Not only because of the physical appearance of the homes, but also because of the emotional aspects of the experience."

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Heather Marie Pratt

"Everyone on our site did so much and we couldn't have done it all without everyone helping and working hard. Mr. S. was very, very thankful and appreciative of everything we did."

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Elizabeth Hilliard

"Each day when he (Mr Berry) came home from work he was ecstatic about the work that we had done."

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Hillary Wagstaff

"The very first thing she said was "(T)his is your house this week, not mine. I'm giving it to you." After meeting her and just seeing her warm face and the rough conditions of her house, I knew I wanted to work on it."

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Spencer Dobbins

"The only way to know is by seeing how many people were touched by your presence."

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"I was sitting in the worship service one evening listening to the music and I realized that I felt completely at peace and free from the pressure I am used to feeling in everyday living. "

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Erin Mode

"I was about to go work until five o'clock that night in the hot sun for a complete stranger, and I paid to do this! Was I crazy?"

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Kelsey Blackburn

"At first glance, Salkehatchie Summer Service didn't seem that great - a week spent out in the hot summer heat working on a stranger's house (and having to pay for it too!)."

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