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What is Salkehatchie Summer Service?


Where it Started

Salkehatchie Summer Service is a pioneering servant ministry founded by the United Methodist Church in South Carolina. Salkehatchie Camps bring high school and college age youth and adult community leaders together for a week for the purpose of upgrading the homes and living conditions of those who donít have the ability or means to improve their homes.

The Camps

Camps vary in size from about 40 to 165 individuals with the average camp housing about 75. Camps are housed in churches, schools and community centers. All camp participants are volunteers including the camp director and support staff. Each adult and youth participant pays $200 to attend the camp. Each camp is broken up into teams. Each team consists of 2-4 adult leaders (one adult is the site leader) and 5-8 youth.

From Monday to Friday each team will work on a single home. Homeowners will often work side-by-side with the volunteers. It should be emphasized that Salkehatchie Summer Service is a youth ministry and not an adult ministry. As such, it is the youth that are doing the home repairs with the adults providing guidance and instruction.

The Home Owners

Mrs Ramsey is very happy to have a washer and dryer

Salkehatchie homes are homes that need much more than just a cosmetic facelift. They are homes that need significant structural work. Salkehatchie projects include things such as roof replacement, bathroom replacement, floor joist repairs, installing siding and plumbing. Over the course of the week the youth become familiar with the use of power tools and develop skills in carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. The adult leaders provide the necessary guidance regarding use of power tools and general construction site safety. Salkehatchie adult volunteers are generally experienced in the arts of home repair. However, they are usually not licensed contractors.

More Than Just Work

Salkehatchie Camps are more than just work camps. The youth attending the camps get the opportunity to see the face of poverty in their communities and, through nightly reflections, understand what it is to do Godís work through service to others. Many of our neighbors in the Carolinas live in homes needing repair and Jesus has called us to love our neighbor.