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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2007

The Gabriel Home

Monday, July 23

The Gabriel Home: Today we stripped both sides of the roof. We took out the kitchen floor, and have put in new floorboards. Ripped out the floor in the bathroom and storage area. While ripping out the bathroom floor we discovered raw sewage under the house. Our plan is to rebuild the both floors from scratch due to floor damage from the sewage.

Tuesday, July 24

Yesterday we discovered that in the bathroom the toilet was offset allowing sewage to leak under the home. So we ripped up the floors and today we replaced the floor joist. We shingled the roof. While on the roof Kelsey was pulling on a hose and the air compressor fell and almost hit Baker and Michael. Also while working on the house today, an inspector came to look at the house. He talked to Baker, meanwhile the whole site was freaking out. Come to find out Jerry Kita knew the inspector and had set the whole thing up, just for laughs! Today was also the homeowner birthday. The whole site came over and sang happy birthday. The homeowner is not worried at all about anything and has full confidence in their team, however he was quite frightened by the staple gun this morning.

Wednesday, July 25

Today we finished shingling the roof. We painted the kitchen; that includes the ceiling, walls, and cabinets. We peeled up the linolium, and replaced the floors near the door. We built the frame for the back deck. Built the frames for the walls in the bathroom. New floor in the laundry room, and currently working on plumbing.

Thursday, July 26

The Gabriel Home: Today we took down the gutters and put them back up, cleaned. We built the back deck. We painted the kitchen and finished the counter tops, so the kitchen is now completed. We painted the living room, dining room, and put in a new ceiling in the bedroom. We've completed the bathroom. We did all the electrical work, put up walls, the floors are down, and the shower is installed.

Friday, July 27

The Gabhriel Home: In conclusion of this week the following tasks were completed: Built new railings in the front entrance to the house. Rebuilt the roof. Built a back porch. We painted most of the inside of the house. We put down new floors. Completely rebuilt the entire bathroom/utility room. We built walls, put in seals, installed a new sink, toilet, and shower. Built a new ceiling in the back bedroom.