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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2007

The Houston Home

Monday, July 23

The Houston Home: We built a deck over the front and back porches, to make it easier for the homeowner to get around. We primed the living room and kitchen. Two rooms in the attic are getting insulated, and our goal is to put in walls and ceilings.

Tuesday, July 24

The Houston Home: We built and finished the deck. We painted the living room including the ceiling. We completely demolished the kitchen cabinets, and took out linoleum. We've primed and painted the kitchen cabinets. We painted the kitchen, and have taken all the appliances and flooring out. We can't fix the plumbing in the kitchen, but we are going to replace the cabinets and sink. We painted the bathroom and repaired the wall around the tub. We have finished putting insulation in the both the attic rooms upstairs. Today Savannah went in search for the board stretcher. She went to every single house looking for it, and finally Bill told her. The homeowner is staying next door while the team is working on their house, but her son has been a big help.

Wednesday, July 25

The Houston Home: We built the side deck, and started the back deck. We had to put cement down on the side deck, where the door is, because of water damage. We did lots of painting today. We painted the living room, kitchen, hallways, doorways in the kitchen, and primed the bathroom. We finished the insulation in the 2 attic rooms upstairs. Were planning on putting up ceiling and walls in both rooms. We patched up the walls. In the bathroom behind the tub we put in tile. Were hoping we'll get to start plumbing today.

Thursday, July 26

The Houston Home: Today we put walls in the entry room and put up the ceiling. We finished the back deck, and we're currently replacing some siding. We put up tiles in the bathroom, and replacing light fictures. We took out the toilet and put it back in, we scrubbed the tub and cleaned the bathroom. We also installed cabinets. We finished the flooring in the bathroom and hallway. We took out the counter and were in the process of getting a new one. Our goals are to finish the entry room upstairs, finish all the painting and flooring, have the deck completed as well as the kitchen, and install all the cabinets.

Friday, July 27

The Houston Home: In conclusion of this week the following was done: Three decks were built, front, side, and back. In building the decks they had to level the cement because of water damage. Replaced siding. Installed a new storm door. Replaced carpet, and painted the walls and ceilings. They installed a new washer and dryer, and new light fixtures. Some major plumbing and electrical work was done. Insulation was put in both the attic rooms upstairs. Lauan was put in the left attic room. They gave her a new kitchen!