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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2007

The Mobley Home

Monday, July 23

The Mobley Home: Demolition Day! Today we ripped out the carpet in the living room, taking down wallpaper as well. We took out the flooring in the bathroom and then built new floorboards. We ripped up the tub, and plan on installing a new shower. In the kitchen we took out pretty much everything we saw, and built new floorboards. We started on the ceiling, we took out only a small portion and were planning to prime it.

Tuesday, July 24

At the entrance to the house we put in a new floorboard on the walkway. We patched a hole in the ceiling. Put floors down in the kitchen. The utility room had a long- standing leak, so we had to cut out new studs and rebuilt half of the wall on the left side of the room. We finished the plumbing the bathroom and replaced floors. We replaced the ceiling in the back room, and patching up any holes we see in the walls. The homeowner wasn't able to help out today, but her daughter came and helped.

Wednesday, July 25

The Mobley Home: We patched the walls throughout the house. Were working on the back deck. We ripped up linoleum in the kitchen and pulled up all the staples and nails. Put in new cabinets in the kitchen. We finished the plumbing in the bathroom, and hooked up the water heater. Painted the kitchen, living room, and hall. We put up dry wall. We primed the entire house, and installed a new front door. Today the homeowner, Mr. Mobley bakes a lemon cake and brought it to us. Also today we cracked the tub and had to go buy a new one. Quote from Cody, "I cut this one piece of wood 3 times and it is still too short."

Thursday, July 26

The Mobley Home: Today we put down wood floors in the living room, and are currently sanding the wood. We painted the living room, hallway, and kitchen. We replaced the tub, and put up walls for the tub. We put in new cabinets in the kitchen. Were still working on the back deck. Our plumbing will hopefully be done today and we'll have running water. Our goals are to get all the painting completed, the floors done, and the kitchen finished.

Friday, July 27

In conclusion of this week the following tasks were completed: We replaced all the floors. We put linoleum and painted the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. We installed new cabinets. We did a lot of remodeling in the bathroom and kitchen. We replaced some of the bricks from the front entrance stairs. We put new ceiling in the bathroom. We built the back deck. We put down linoleum on the entry way and polished the living room wood, after we ripped up carpet.