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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2007

The Sherrill Home

Monday, July 23

The Sherrill Home: Today we took out the bathroom floor, and ripped out the back deck. We've already started building a new one. We built the frame on the roof to put a tin roof over on top of the already existing one.

Tuesday, July 24

The Sherrill Home: We finished the plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen. We scrubbed the kitchen floors and walls, preparing for cabinets and paint. On the roof we just put tin on, we didn't have to take the shingles off. We put up floor joist in the bathroom. We've almost finished the porch. We finished the deck. There was a sawing mishap, injury. Chris Bonet went on search for the board stretcher.

Wednesday, July 25

The Sherrill Home: Today we finished the sub-flooring in the bathroom. Got the entire roof completed. There was a window taken out and we have installed a new one. We primed the kitchen. We put in new cabinets in. Finished the back deck, including stairs, and are currently working on the railing. We had to do lots of hand-sawing due to complicated cuts and frame work. Charles, our Camera Man, fell threw the floor today. Ms. Sherrill visited around noon and is very excited about her home being done.

Thursday, July 26

The Sherrill Home: Today we built the handrails in the front of the house. We painted the kitchen, including the cabinets, and bathroom including the trim. We took out the old board behind the tub and replaced some dry wall. Then we put in new tile board. We put facial board on the roof, and are currently putting rig caps on the roof with the metal caps. Our deck was done, and our bathroom completed. Our goals are to install the vanity by the bathroom, and to install the toilet. Today Chris knocked wood stain all over the floors. Robert was putting up popcorn ceiling and forgot to screw on the top, so when he attempted to spray the ceiling it exploded all over him.

Friday, July 27

The Sherrill Home: In conclusion of this week the following tasks were completed: We built a new hand-railing on the front steps. We installed a new window, and built a new deck. We put on a tin roof. In the bathroom we put down new floor and replaced the floor joist. We put tiling and dry wall in the bathroom, and installed a new toilet and sink. Installed two new cabinets and new stove. We did a lot of cleaning. We put linoleum in the kitchen and the bathroom. We also painted the kitchen.