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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2007

The Smith Home

Monday, July 23

The Smith Home: Our goal is to make the entire house handy cap accessible. The doorways will have to be wider. We took out the floors in the kitchen and bathroom; we also installed new floors in both rooms. Well have to replace the windows and put in new cabinets.

Tuesday, July 24

Today we put up new face boards on the side of the house for the roof. We built a new doorway to the bathroom. We ripped up the linoleum and carpet in the bathroom, and replaced the floors. Cleaned up the bathroom and put in a new toilet and cabinet. Cody Shores did the plumbing in the bathroom. We took out the cabinets in the kitchen and put in a new window. We also rebuilt 2 doorframes. While working outside we were enlisted into the Hornet War 2007, were happy to say we won it, the nest was tackled and is now dead. The homeowner was so excited and happy about the work getting done to her house. She isn't nervous about anything, and said that the team is working on everything that she has asked. She really wanted her doorways widened for her wheelchair and they have already accomplished that. I asked her how she found out about Salkehatchie, and she said they were having a meeting at her church and her cousin signed her up for the program. She said "I've heard about them Methodist people."

Wednesday, July 25

The Smith House: Today we ripped up the carpet and put down wood flooring in the kitchen. We also painted and bolted the kitchen. We put tub-round in the bathroom and around the door to the bathroom. We replaced and framed all the windows. Were working on the siding around the house. We painted the front porch roof, and completed the wooden frame for the roof. Today Vance bled all over the wood floors in the kitchen. Dustin body slammed the neighbor's dog. Way to go!

Thursday, July 26

The Smith Home: Today we did a lot of painting. We painted the entire outside of the house including the trim and windows. We also painted the kitchen and put in counters around the sink. We also finished plumbing. Our goals for today is to completely finish the outside of the house and the kitchen. Today Ryan fell off the ladder. A friendly Pit Bull kept running through the house all day. Also, Dustin fell asleep on a ladder!

Friday, July 27

The Smith Home: In conclusion of this week the following task were completed: The main goal was to widen all the doorways so Ms. Smith could get through the house with her wheelchair; that was completed. We replaced 7 windows. We put in new floors and painted the bathroom and kitchen. We put in new cabinets in the kitchen. We replaced the slate siding on the side of the house. We replaced facial board in the bathroom. We put tub-round in the bathroom and moved the showerhead a little higher. We did a lot of plumbing. We painted the entire exterior of the house.